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Running mysql in a docker container.

First thing we do is to pull the mysql image and then inspect it and look for the volume location.

[root@centos7 ~]# docker pull mysql
Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from library/mysql
be8881be8156: Already exists
c3995dabd1d7: Pull complete
9931fdda3586: Pull complete
bb1b6b6eff6a: Pull complete
a65f125fa718: Pull complete
2d9f8dd09be2: Pull complete
37b912cb2afe: Pull complete
54242fcd8eaa: Pull complete
0a9d4d211511: Pull complete
270ae5bd02c2: Pull complete
9b55b8e72e70: Pull complete
68083f7985cd: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:d39a8ab7679df309e7eff6ddba434ad5747cc2a2acee2d7c60d8221c9acedcad
Status: Downloaded newer image for mysql:latest

Solaris: Could not obtain address of AI server from DHCP server

Error:  Could not obtain address of AI server from DHCP server

When you are running an Oracle VM or Virtualbox you may encounter the error above.
As a work around you will need to assign a fixed address to this dhcp address.


Edit  the file /etc/inet/dhcpd4.conf  and add the line fixed-address.
Here is an example below:

Oracle Virtual Server Manager 3.4.5: Database reset

Oracle Virtual Server Manager 3.4.5:  Database reset
(This comman should work with OVMM 3.3 and above)

[root@oel75 ~]# service ovmm stop
Stopping ovmm (via systemctl):                             [  OK  ]
[root@oel75 ~]# service ovmcli stop
Stopping ovmcli (via systemctl):                           [  OK  ]

Change PASSWORD with your ovmm password.

Linux: Do not power off when laptop lid is closed


If you want to configure your laptop running any of the RHEL 7 derivatives (OEL,CentOS, etc) not to suspend the running OS when you close the laptop lid.

Edit the file /etc/systemd/logind.conf and set HandleLidSwitch=ignore.

Linux RedHat Bare Metal Restore on dissimilar system.

When doing a system recovery often the things that can break your recovery procedures is having a new system that is new and completely dissimilar from the old system. This recovery procedure will walk you thru the process of creating the backup image and image restoration. Describe the recovery problem and its fixes.


IBM: I4 licensing tasks

AIX: I4 Licensing tasks

     Make sure the Resource Controller daemon is running

       lssrc -a

    If its down restart the Resource Controller daemon.

AIX: Crib Sheet

AIX Command Crib Sheet

DATE     : 29/01/2001
VERSION  : 1.8

>> Latest version can be found at  http://www.mort.level5.net/johnr/howto/aix.txt <<

AIX: ADSM tasks

AIX: ADSM tasks

       To checkin new tapes:

            label libvolume {3570a} checkin=scratch
                search=bulkhead labelsource=prompt

AIX Logical Volume Reduction Procedure

AIX logical volume reduction procedure.

1. Export all volume groups except for rootvg

    exportvg  VGDATA

2.  Set tape device block size to 512

    chdev -l rmt0 -a block=512 -T

3. Create a rootvg backup using mksysb

     mksysb -i /dev/rmt0

4. Reboot the system from CDROM


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