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Where can I get technical information about Alpha?

Sites, R.L., Ed., Alpha Architecture Reference Manual (2nd ed) (600 page book,
1995) from Digital Press (EY-T132E-DP) or Prentice-Hall , ISBN

Digital Press has published "Alpha Architecture and Implementations" (Dileep
Bhandarkar, author). The book provides a comprehensive description of all major
aspects of Alpha systems. The book includes an overview of the history of RISC
development in the computer industry and at Digital, the Alpha architecture, all
the major processor chips, and system implementations. The book also covers RISC
concepts, provides an overview of other RISC architectures, and descriptions of
the new SPARC, MIPS, PowerPC, and PA-RISC microprocessors introduced in 1995.
The book also discusses operating system porting issues, compiler techniques,
and binary translation. Available from Butterworth-Heinemann (1-800-366-BOOK).

Communications of the ACM, February 1993 issue (4 Alpha articles)

Digital Technical Journal, Vol 4., No. 4 (200 pages of Alpha articles,
including 4 above with fewer typos).

Jim Montanaro "The Design of the Alpha 21064 CPU Chip" (42 minutes)
Dick Sites and Dirk Meyer, "Alpha Architecture" (73 minutes)
University Video Communications P.O. BOx 5129 Stanford CA 94309 USA
(415) 813-0506

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