How do I allow xdm sessions at C2 security?

If you get the error 'Cannot obtain database information on this terminal',
Follow this advice from the Digital support people and change the
files /etc/auth/system/ttys, /etc/auth/system/devassign and /etc/securettys
as follows:

In the following, replace host, host.sub.domain and n.n.n.n by the
hostname, full domain name and IP address of the host(s) you are trying to
connect from.

Add lines like the following to /etc/auth/system/ttys :


Add lines like the following to /etc/auth/system/devassign :


Add lines like the following to /etc/securettys :


At V4 (and by then the operating system is not called OSF but dUNIX or
Tru64Unix), you can use wildcards for the X-terminal names and IP
addresses, and must use the edauth command to operate on the databases.
You could use the two commands:

echo '*:*:t_devname=*:*:t_login_timeout#0:t_xdisplay:chkent:' | /tcb/bin/edauth -s -dt

echo '*:*:v_type=xdisplay:chkent:' | /tcb/bin/edauth -s -dv

to allow any X-terminals to connect and log in via xdm.
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