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Where can I get a disktab entry for the XXX disk?

newfs is smart enough to get the geometry of the disk from the drive,
although this feature is not documented for all versions. Use

newfs /dev/rrz#x /dev/rrz#x

to do this.

For most uses, you don't need a disktab entry on Digital UNIX. The disklabel
command can get the default partition table and geometry from the disk
driver and will put that in the label. When the label is present, newfs
doesn't need a disktab entry either.

A collection of contributed disktab entries is in
/pub/DEC/ultrix-disktabs on the usual archive machines. Get a copy of
the file for an up-to-date list. The disktab collection may also be
used on Digital UNIX, but not all entries have been tested on all

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