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How do I deal with login problems?

Versions of Digital UNIX earlier than V3.0 use the /upgrade file to allow
access to non-root users. Generally, on these versions, the inability of
non-root users to log in is due to a problem with this file. Typically, this
file gets deleted by somebody who doesn't understand its purpose. To recover
from this problem, do one of the following:

1. cp -p /upgrade0 /upgrade
2. copy /upgrade from another pre-V3.0 Digitial UNIX system.
3. Obtain the O/S distribution media and extract the /upgrade0 file.
a. mount -r /dev/rzc /mnt
b. cat /mnt/ALPHA/BASE/OSFBASE200 | uncompress | tar xvf - ./upgrade0
c. cp upgrade0 /upgrade

NOTE: the 200 in OSFBASE200 varies based on the O/S version.

Digital UNIX V3.0 uses the OSF-BASE and OSF-USR PAKs to determine the amount
of users allowed. A valid OSF-BASE PAK is required to activate the OSF-USR
PAKs. By default, the OSF-BASE PAK alone provides 2 concurrent user support
by activating an OSF-USR PAK which is automatically installed. If zero
non-root users can login, then you probably have not installed your OSF-BASE
PAK properly or it has expired. (Use the "lmf list" command to see the list
of installed PAKs. A PAK is good if its status is "active".) Install a valid
OSF-BASE PAK. If the problem still persists, then you likely do not have any
OSF-USR PAK. Since one is automatically installed for you, this means that
somebody inadvertantly deleted the PAK. You can recover this PAK by entering
the following:


Two concurrent users should be allowed to login at at this time.

If your problem is that only two users are allowed to login at the same time,
then you probably need a larger or additional OSF-USR PAKs. If you have
installed an "unlimited user" OSF-USR PAK but are seeing a restriction on the
number of users allowed to login, delete all OSF-USR PAKs other than the PAK
which provides for unlimited users.

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