How do I figure out what version of Digital UNIX I have?

The following table correlates the output of the "uname -a" command to
the "marketing name" for various Digital UNIX (DEC OSF/1) versions:

V2.0 240 V3.0 347
V3.0B 358.78 V3.2 214
V3.2A 17 V3.2B 214.61
V3.2C 148 V3.2D-1 41
V3.2D-2 41.64 V3.2F 69.73
V3.2G 62 V4.0 386
V4.0A 464 V4.0B 564
V4.0C 564.32 V4.0D 878
V4.0E 1091 V4.0F 1229

To determine the correct information for any version of Digital UNIX:
# strings /vmunix | grep '(Rev.' | cut -f1 -d';'

Or use (For DU v4.0 or higher):

# sizer -v | cut -f1 -d';'
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