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How do I switch to full duplex 100mb?

Auto negotiation with hubs is frequently unreliable. The problems
usually manifest themselves as slow/poor network response. I have
seen actual file transfer speeds that were far worse than the 100mb/s
that should have been negotiated. Look at the switch/hub port
configurations. Sometimes it actually negotiates down to 10mb! If
you set 100mb/fdx, be sure to hard set it on the host AND switch/hub.

If you experience poor response, on what appears to be a clean network,
auto negotiation problems are a good possibility to check into.

To hard set 100mb/fdx at the console level:

AlphaStation and AlphaServer console:

Shutdown the system

set EWA0_MODE FastFD


It will be set each time the system boots.

[Frank Bounds, fbounds@tru64.org]

To hard set 100mb/fdx at the OS level:

The ifconfig speed flag determines the speed (regular or fast Ethernet) and
half- or full-duplex mode operation on the tu interface when that interface
is using the twisted-pair port as follows:

Value Configuration

10 10 Mbps Ethernet half-duplex
20 10 Mbps Ethernet full-duplex
100 100 Mbps Ethernet half-duplex
200 100 Mbps Ethernet full-duplex


After the interface is online, you can use the ifconfig up and
down options to change the speed value dynamically. Stop adapter
transmission with down and set the speed in the same command
line. Then specify up without a speed value to restart the adapter.


ifconfig tu0 down speed 200
ifconfig tu0 up

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