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HP PCL printing

Printcap filter specification: /usr/lbin/pcfof +Chpdj680c.pcf
Lprsetup printer type: hp680c

This setup will work for impact, inkjet and laser printers that include
the Hewlett Packard PCL3 through PCL5e printer programming language.

Refer to the printer manual to determine if the PCL language is provided.
Many printers provide more than one language. For these printers set
the default language to PCL or to auto file sensing.

Some printers that include the PCL language are HP, Lexmark, Xerox.
Epson and Canon printers have their own language and probably won't
include the PCL language.


Formats text files and eliminates stair stepping.
Portrait and landscape printing.
Odd and even page printing.


Change printcap setting :pw#80: to :pw#0:.

For A4 paper use printer type hp680c_a4 or print file hpdj680c_a4.pcf.

Not all printers are the same, so here are some additional filter
specifications to try:

/usr/lbin/pcfof +Chpdj1120c.pcf
/usr/lbin/pcfof +Cln17.pcf

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