Selecting print filters

You need to select a filter based on the printer language, not by
the printer make and model. If you don't know what languages are
provided reference the printer manual.

You looked in the manual and you still don't know which filter to select.
Try the following:

Printer Filter Type
--------------------------- -----------------
HP LaserJet PCL Filter or PostScript Filter
HP DeskJet PCL Filter
Lexmark Laser PCL Filter or PostScript Filter
Lexmark Ink Jet PCL Filter
Xerox Laser PCL Filter or PostScript Filter
Canon Generic Text Filter
Epson Generic Text Filter
All other printers Generic Text Filter

If the printer is connected to the serial port you can also try
the following filters:

Printer Filter
--------------------------- -----------------
All printers /usr/lbin/lpf
Epson /usr/lbin/epsonof

These epsonof and lpf filters require a printcap setting of :fs#023:.
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