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TCP/IP Network Printing using socket connection

Requires Tru64 UNIX V4.0a or later.


The /etc/services file must be updated to include the printer port/socket
number. In this example the printer uses port 9100 so the following
/etc/services entry was added.

port_9100 9100/tcp

The name port_9100 is user definable. If a 9100/tcp entry exists, use the
name previously defined. Don't create a second entry. The port number is
printer specific. Some printer port numbers are:

Printer Manufacture Printer Model Port / Socket

Compaq LN16 9100
LN32 9100

Digital DEClaser 3500 10001
DEClaser 5100 10001
LN15 3001
LN17 2501
LN20 35 or 6869
LN40 35 or 6869
LNC02 35 or 6869
Rapid Print 200 10001
Rapid Print 500 3001

Hewlett Packard All Printers 9100
JetDirect EX+3 9100 - port1
9101 - port2
9102 - port3

Lexmark All Printers 9100

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