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Print filters

This section specifies which print filter to use when lprsetup or
printconfig does not include your printer model.

It's possible more than one filter will work for a printer. The following
selected filters will provide basic printing capabilities and will work
for all connection methods. Basic printing capabilities is the ability
to print text files. Preformatted files should be printed using the
-x flag, for example 'lpr -Pqueue -x file.pcl'. The -x flag instructs
the print system to use the pass-through filter to prevent file formatting.
The pass-through filter is usually defined in the printcap entry as

Some print filters, such as the lpf filter, only work on the serial port.
The serial port driver provides a feature to insert a carriage return after
a line feed that is not available for the parallel port, tcp/ip and lpd
remote connections. Without this feature some print filters generate an
output known as stair stepping. Stair stepping can look like one long line
running off the page, but usually you will see the following:


All print filters will work on the serial port with the correct settings.
Only some filters will work for parallel port, and tcp/ip printing.

Don't expect access to mail bins, input trays, output trays, and other nice
hardware features. This requires a device specific filter or special

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