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What tools will help me port software to Digital UNIX?

The Digital Porting Assistant (available for Digital UNIX 3.2, and shipped
as part of the developer toolkit on Digital UNIX 4.0) is a graphical
environment which aids in the porting process. In addition to doing lint-like
checking of C and Fortran code, it also contains extensive on-line help
regarding developing software on Digital UNIX. Information about the Digital
Porting Assistant can be found on the web at:


The version of lint shipped with Digital UNIX has many checks to help
port software to Alpha. In particular, the -Q option is very useful.
See the manual page for more details.

There is also a document/book entitled:
Interoperability, OpenVMS and DEC OSF/1 Interoperability Guide. EC-N3399-43.

A company called Sector 7 deals with porting software from OpenVMS to Digital


The -taso flag to cc will often help with making code work on the 64bit Alpha.
This causes addresses to be 32-bits and should be used only as a last resort.

FreePort Express is a binary translator (running on Alpha) which permits
you to convert your SunOS 4.1.x (same as Solaris 1.x) user executables
into Digital UNIX executables in minutes. FreePort Express runs under
Digital UNIX V3.0 or later, and is available FREE of charge (hence the name).


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