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Where can I get a debugging malloc that works on Tru64 UNIX?

Insure++ from ParaSoft at http://www.parasoft.com. Capable of detecting
memory corruption, memory leaks, memory allocation errors, variable
definition conflicts, I/O errors, pointer errors and library errors.

(Has not been updated for a long time...)

If you get the package, be sure to read the stuff in the file
contrib/dec_notes which explains how to replace malloc on the fly in
an existing program.

The ATOM tools with Digital UNIX 3.0 and later also help with debugging memory
allocation problems.

Sentinel, from AIB Software Corporation is a run-time analysis tool that
supports memory access error detection as well as leak detection on Tru64
UNIX. More info, as well as free evaluation copies, is available from
info@aib.com, or by calling 800-296-3000 (703-787-7700).

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