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ITJobsWatch offers a free and unique perspective on today’s IT jobs market. Our aim is to present a concise and accurate map of the prevailing IT jobs market conditions.
This appendix contains sample LSM commands and system output that show how to perform common LSM administrative tasks
http://www.tru64.org/faq/tru64_faq.php3 Unless otherwise specified, these answers refer to COMPAQ Tru64 UNIX 4.0 and above, which are the current releases. "Tru64 and Digital UNIX" are used interchangeably in this FAQ
This document describes how to tune the Compaq Tru64 UNIX operating system to improve the performance of Internet servers, including Web servers, ftp servers, mail servers and relays, proxy servers, caching servers, gateway systems, and firewall systems.
http://www.tru64.org/ a site dedicated to the distribution of information about Tru64 UNIX to the internet community. We want to create a site that provides timely and practical information to the people who work day to day in the Alpha/Tru64 environment.
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