C Precedence question

Manoj Thakur

C Precedence question

Postby Manoj Thakur » Wed Mar 28, 2001 5:37 pm

Consider the following code snippet. What is the correct interpretation?<p><InitialState><br>p[0] = 11 &p[0] = 0x8000<br>p[1] = 22<br>p[2] = 33<br></InitialState><p><CodeSnippet><br>int v = *p + *p++ + *p + *p++ + *p;<br></CodeSnippet><p>What is the final value of "v, p and *p"?<p>The reason for the question is that it handled differently for HP-UX and Solaris, even though<br>I have exactly the same version of "gcc" to compile on the two platforms.
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Re: C Precedence question

Postby naive » Fri Mar 11, 2005 2:16 pm

but 11 &amp; p[0] is not a Left Hand Side, is it?

Joe Carnuccio

Re: C Precedence question

Postby Joe Carnuccio » Thu Jun 29, 2006 9:28 pm

C specifies that the additions will NOT be done in left to right order (even though the precedence is left to right for addition);
addition is commutative, and the C &quot;spec&quot; allows each C implementation the freedom to exploit this.

Also, that line of code is very bad style because it relies on the order in which the additions are performed.

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