AIX cluster switch and hdisk name dismatch

HaiJun Yang

AIX cluster switch and hdisk name dismatch

Postby HaiJun Yang » Tue Jan 07, 2003 3:28 pm

Hi, I have a question in need of your help.
Let us say, we have two AIX servers in one cluster.They share a disk box. But the hdisk names for the disks in the box are no match.For exmaple, in host A, hdisk1-5 are sequentially for disk#1-5, and in hostB, hdisk1-3 are the same for host A, while disk#4 has the name of hdisk5,and disk#5 has the name of hdisk4.

When we perform HACMP failover from host A to hostB, does vgexport and vgimport succeed ? Is there risk if the hdisk names are different on the two members?

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