Does FreeBSD support any USB mice?

Preliminary USB device support was added to FreeBSD 3.1. It did not always work through early versions of 3.X. As of FreeBSD 4.0, USB devices should work out of the box. If you want to experiment with the USB mouse support under FreeBSD 3.X, follow the procedure described below.

  1. Use FreeBSD 3.2 or later.

  2. Add the following lines to your kernel configuration file, and rebuild the kernel.

        device  uhci
        device  ohci
        device  usb
        device  ums

    In versions of FreeBSD before 4.0, use this instead:

        controller        uhci0
        controller        ohci0
        controller        usb0
        device            ums0
  3. Go to the /dev directory and create a device node as follows:

        # cd /dev
        # ./MAKEDEV ums0
  4. Edit /etc/rc.conf and add the following lines:


    See the previous section for more detailed discussion on moused.

  5. In order to use the USB mouse in the X session, edit XF86Config. If you are using XFree86 3.3.2 or later, be sure to have the following lines in the Pointer section:

        Device          "/dev/sysmouse"
        Protocol        "Auto"

    If you are using earlier versions of XFree86, be sure to have the following lines in the Pointer section:

        Device          "/dev/sysmouse"
        Protocol        "SysMouse"

Refer to another section on the mouse support in the X environment.

Hot-plugging and unplugging of the USB mouse may not work quite right yet. It is a good idea connect the mouse before you start the system and leave it connected until the system is shutdown to avoid trouble.
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