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I see ``pcm0 not found'' or my sound card is found as pcm1 but I have device pcm0 in my kernel config file. What is going on?

This occurs in FreeBSD 3.x with PCI sound cards. The pcm0 device is reserved exclusively for ISA-based cards so, if you have a PCI card, then you will see this error, and your card will appear as pcm1.

Note: You cannot remove the warning by simply changing the line in the kernel config file to device pcm1 as this will result in pcm1 being reserved for ISA cards and your PCI card being found as pcm2 (along with the warning ``pcm1 not found'').

If you have a PCI sound card you will also have to make the snd1 device rather than snd0:

    # cd /dev
    # ./MAKEDEV snd1

This situation does not arise in FreeBSD 4.x as a lot of work has been done to make it more PnP-centric and the pcm0 device is no longer reserved exclusively for ISA cards

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