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Why does my PS/2 mouse from MouseSystems not work?

There have been some reports that certain model of PS/2 mouse from MouseSystems works only if it is put into the ``high resolution'' mode. Otherwise, the mouse cursor may jump to the upper-left corner of the screen every so often.

Unfortunately there is no workaround for versions 2.0.X and 2.1.X. In versions 2.2 through 2.2.5, apply the following patch to /sys/i386/isa/psm.c and rebuild the kernel. See the section on building a kernel if you have no experience with building kernels.

    @@ -766,6 +766,8 @@
         if (verbose >= 2)
             log(LOG_DEBUG, "psm%d: SET_DEFAULTS return code:%04x\n",
                 unit, i);
    +    set_mouse_resolution(sc->kbdc, PSMD_RES_HIGH);
     #if 0
         set_mouse_scaling(sc->kbdc);        /* 1:1 scaling */
         set_mouse_mode(sc->kbdc);                /* stream mode */

In versions 2.2.6 or later, specify the flags 0x04 to the PS/2 mouse driver to put the mouse into the high resolution mode. Enter UserConfig by giving the -c option at the boot prompt:

    boot: -c

Then, in the UserConfig command line, type:

    UserConfig> flags psm0 0x04
    UserConfig> quit

See the previous section for another possible cause of mouse problems.

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