How am I expected to enter these AT commands?

Make what is called a ``direct'' entry in your /etc/remote file (see remote(5)). For example, if your modem is hooked up to the first serial port, /dev/cuaa0, then put in the following line:


Use the highest bps rate your modem supports in the br capability. Then, type tip cuaa0 (see tip(1)) and you will be connected to your modem.

If there is no /dev/cuaa0 on your system, do this:

    # cd /dev
    # sh MAKEDEV cuaa0

Or use cu as root with the following command:

    # cu -lline -sspeed

with line being the serial port (e.g. /dev/cuaa0) and speed being the speed (e.g.57600). When you are done entering the AT commands hit ~. to exit.
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