Where can I browse HP documentation on the Web? Updated: 04/06/01

The HP Technical Documentation website is at <http://docs.hp.com/>.

Here you can browse, search, and view the latest product
documentation and technical information about HP 9000 hardware
and software products, either by topic or release.

Included are installation guides, user guides, reference manuals,
manual pages, tools, training, technical white papers, and FAQ's
for both 10.x and 11.x releases.

Note, many of the documents on <http://docs.hp.com/> are also distributed
as part of the HP-UX media set, on the CD entitled "HP-UX Instant

There are several other HP sites that provide documentation:

o HP Developer's Resource: <http://devresource.hp.com/>
o HP Microprocessor Design Labs: <http://cpus.hp.com/>
o HP Itanium[TM] Homepage: <http://ia-64.hp.com/>
o HP OpenView Homepage: <http://openview.hp.com/> ("support" section)

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