Where can I get support from HP on the Web? Updated: 10/09/01

Go to the HP IT Resource Center (ITRC) web site; there are several

o America/Asia-Pacific <http://us.itrc.hp.com/> or
Sites: <http://us-support.external.hp.com/> or
<http://us-support2.external.hp.com/> or
<http://us-support3.external.hp.com/> or
o European <http://europe.itrc.hp.com/> or
Sites: <http://europe-support.external.hp.com/> or
<http://europe-support2.external.hp.com/> or

<http://www.itresourcecenter.hp.com/> or
<http://www.itrc.hp.com/> or

NOTE: The America/Asia-Pacific ITRC sites do not share user registration
data with the European ITRC sites. European support customers
should register at and continue to use the European site, and
Americas/Asia-Pacific support customers should register at and
continue to use the Americas/Asia-Pacific site.

The HP ITRC allows you to:

o Resolve software problems by searching up-to-date support and
solving information, and by downloading the latest HP-UX patches
o Browse news and current announcements
o Subscribe to automatically receive the latest Hewlett-Packard support
o Log, track, and reply to non-urgent calls with the Response Center.

HP's support offerings on the ITRC site are fairly extensive. Anyone can
access the Patch Database, Support Information Digests, and certain
portions of the Technical Knowledge Database.

HP does require (free) registration to access anything on the ITRC.
When you click on any of the links, it will ask you to either Enter as a
Registered User, or Register Now.

With a valid software agreement, you can also log non-urgent calls, and
search more of the Technical Knowledge Database. You will also be able
to access the Software Update Manager. With PSS or PAS level support,
you are also able to access the Custom Patch Manager.

If you do not have a software agreement, or you don't have the
information for it, after you have registered and the ITRC has given you
your userid, go back until you get the "Enter as a Registered User"
choice again. (The only link on the page that gives you your userid
tries to link you to a software agreement)

The ITRC phone number for U.S. customers with support contracts is
800.633.3600. For a list of phone numbers for other countries see:

o <http://www.hp.com/racksolutions/pduprog/us/eng/callcenters.html>

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