Where can I find a list of all patches corresponding to security advisories?

Updated: 11/13/01

See the HP-UX Patch Security Matrix at:

- or -
o <ftp://ftp.itrc.hp.com/export/patches/hp-ux_patch_matrix/>

Also, if you are running 11.x, HP provides a free utility called
security_patch_check that will report any security patches that are
missing from your system. To download this utility, go to:


The security patch check tool requires that Perl 5.005 or higher,
as well as several Perl modules, be installed on the system that is
being checked. An HP-UX depot containing all of the required
dependencies is available at:


security_patch_check is only able to analyze patches. Some HP Security
Bulletins contain manual actions which cannot be analyzed in an automated
fashion. An archive of all previously released HP security bulletins is
available at:

o <http://itrc.hp.com/cki/bin/doc.pl/screen=ckiSecurityBulletin>

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