Where can I find out more about Software Distributor (SD-UX)?

Updated: 03/30/01

HP Software Distributor, also known as SD-UX, is used to install, update,
remove, and package software on HP-UX 10.0 and later. SD-UX is often
informally shortened to just SD (even though there is also an unbundled
HP OpenView product called SD-OV that offers enhancements over SD-UX).
All HP-UX 10.x and 11.x software is shipped on media compatible with SD.

SD offers three user interfaces:

1. An interactive graphical user interface available for the swinstall,
swcopy, and swremove commands.

2. An interactive user interface suitable for ASCII terminals (on S800)
for the swinstall, swcopy, and swremove commands.

3. A non-interactive command-line user interface for all commands.

The SD-UX manual ("Managing HP-UX Software With SD-UX") is available

o for 11.11:
o for 11.00:
o for 10.xx:

There are also several excellent whitepapers available on SD-UX's
patch-related features:

For 11.x:

o <http://devrsrc1.external.hp.com/STK/hpuxpatch.html>
o <http://devrsrc1.external.hp.com/STK/partner/hpuxpatching.html>
o <http://docs.hp.com/hpux/os/11.0/index.html#Patch%20Management>

For 10.x:

o <http://docs.hp.com/hpux/os/10.x/index.html#Patch%20Management>

For additional information on SD commands and features, see the SD manual
pages (start with sd(5)) and the SD GUI's online help.

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