How can I tell what patches are in the kernel? Updated: 03/23/01

Kernel patches are required to register their presence when they are
installed into the system's kernel (/stand/vmunix). The what(1) utility
will list this information:

$ what /stand/vmunix | grep PH.._

You can compare the output of the above with the output of the command
"swlist -l product 'PH??_*'" command.

A typical kernel patch string is in HP-UX 10.x or 11.0 looks like:

PATCH_11.00: pty.o 00/03/29 PHNE_21433

And in 11.x, patch strings look like:

mem.c $Date: 2001/01/29 17:53:59 $Revision: r11.11/1 PATCH_11.11...

All patches named PHKL*, and some patches named PHNE*, are kernel
See question x.x.x for a description of the patch naming scheme used by

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