How can I set up an HP-UX workstation as an X terminal?

Updated: 01/08/01

Add the following lines to /etc/inittab:

# X server:
X0:3:respawn:env PATH=/usr/bin/X11:/usr/bin X -query <hostname>

Replace <hostname> with the hostname or IP address of the host running
xdm, vuelogin, dtlogin, etc..

See Xserver(1) for additional X server options.

To prevent the login process from rapidly restarting at the console,
disable getty (login) at runlevel "3".

Edit /etc/inittab, and change the line:
cons:123456:respawn:/usr/sbin/getty console console # system console
cons:12456:respawn:/usr/sbin/getty console console # system console

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