Why does id/groups not show secondary groups in dtterm/CDE?

Updated: 04/22/03

Under HP-UX 10.20 with CDE, if your account (at least with NIS[TM]) has
multiple groups associated with it, the id/groups commands will not show
the secondary groups inside a dtterm window ... and they in fact do not
work. What is confusing is that they *do* work when you fire up an
Note that /etc/logingroup is correctly symlinked to /etc/group.

Installing the latest CDE Runtime patch will correct this problem, along
with numerous other defects:

o 11.20: patch PHSS_28058
o 11.11: patch PHSS_27872
o 11.00: patch PHSS_27869
o 10.20: patch PHSS_27877
o 10.10: patch PHSS_26488

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