What happened to DUX and context dependent files (CDFs)? Added: 03/29/01

As of HP-UX 10.01, DUX (HP Diskless Clusters) has been fully replaced by

These DUX-specific commands do not exist on HP-UX 10.01 and later:

cnodes(1) cps(1) getcontext(1) makecdf(1M) showcdf(1)

These DUX-specific options to commands do not exist on HP-UX 10.01 and

chmod -H find -hidden -type H ls -H
find -nodevcid find -devcid cname last -c
pwd -H users -c who -c
bdf -L df -L sync -l
ftio -H pax -H -m -o -p -t device tar -H

These DUX-specific library routines (including context dependent files)
are obsolete as of HP-UX 10.01:

endccent getcccid getcdf nftwh
fgetccent getccent gethcwd setccent
ftwh getccnam hidecdf
cnodeid cnodes getcontext

These additional DUX features were obsoleted in HP-UX 10.01:

o Distributed named pipes across a cluster in diskless environments.
o The DUX concept of global PIDs across a cluster. Temporary
name-space collision should be avoided by each diskless client
having private /tmp areas.
o Using /tmp as a shared depository between diskless clients, such
as an application using a lib routine to create unique tmp_file

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