Can I configure multiple network interfaces on the same subnet? Added: 05/14/01

You can configure it, but it may not do what you expect.

When two ore more interfaces are configured into the same subnet, all
interfaces can recieve traffic. However, only one of them will be used
for outbound traffic - either the first or last configured (ifconfig)
- I can never remember which.

On 10.20, you are pretty much stuck unless you want to configure
static routes pointing at each specific local interface IP to give you
the outbound pattern you deisre.

On HP-UX 11.X, you can use ndd to set ip_strong_es_model to a value of
1. This will force route lookup to include the source IP address. In
effect, you get per-interface routes. It also means that the system
will only accept traffic to a given IP address on the interface with
that same IP address configured.

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