How do I change the hostname, IP address, DNS Server, etc?

Updated: 06/20/01

To change these system parameters, you should use the /sbin/set_parms
sehll script. This script modifies the system configuration file
/etc/rc.config.d/netconf. set_parms does not backup the netconf file, so
it's a good idea to back it up yourself before running set_parms:

# cd /etc/rc.config.d
# cp -p netconf netconf.prev

To print the usage for set_parms, run the script with no arguments:

# /sbin/set_parms

After modifying netconf, set_parms will ask you whether you want to
the system; this is necessary in order to apply the configuration
You can answer "Yes, Reboot", or you can answer "No, Do Not Reboot" and
reboot at a later time.

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