How can I turn off the LP banner page? Updated: 04/04/01

Depending on the type of spooler script, do either:

a) Edit your /var/spool/lp/interface/"printer name" file, and disable
the banner page. Note that if you are using the JetAdmin tool, the
script will instead be /var/spool/lp/interface/model.orig/"printer
name" The most commonly used means of diabling the banner page is
changing the BANNER variable's value from "yes" to "no"

b) Newer interface files (in /var/spool/lp/interface/*) may call
/usr/sbin/rlp; if your model script does this then insert the
following line before the /usr/sbin/rlp statement:


The model script would now look something like:

shift; shift; shift; shift; shift
# Added the no banner option here
/usr/sbin/rlp -I$requestid $BSDC $BSDJ $BSDT $BSDi $BSD1 $BSD2

[an error occurred while processing this directive]