How can I send mail to an MPE/iX HPDESK address?

For a person whose DESK address is:

Ignore the subentity (XY) and use the form:

Send them a test message and tell them to make a note of the return
address, as forming internet addresses on DESK is a little more
complicated. If there is an X.400 system between you and the DESK
person, what you get back may look like a very strange internet address,
but it generally works.

Notice the underscore between names. Names can be first_last or
last_first, but first_last is easier to remember and get correct,
especially if they have initials in their name as in Be sure that the DESK address they give
you is exactly what is reported by DESK when they send a message to
themselves or look at the distribution list on a piece of mail the
recipient already has to verify the address.

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