Is HP-UX free for non-profit users (students, hobbyists, etc..)? Updated: 01/10/03

In the past, if you owned an HP-UX workstation (series 700) system, HP-UX
11.0 media could be obtained for free as part of HP's Easy Setup
initiative. Unfortunately, since Easy Setup functionality is now built
into the standard HP-UX 11.0 and 11i distributions, free media is no
longer provided.

If you own a server (series 800) system, you must either purchase an
HP-UX media kit from HP, or make a copy of someone else's OS media.

As for HP-UX licenses, they basically come with the hardware, though for
used _servers_, a license transfer request form, signed by the buyer and
the seller, has to be submitted to HP. For 10.20 and later,
unlimited-user license upgrades can be obtained for free from HP; see
5.14.1 for details.

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