What is the Object Database? From: Uwe Geuder

AIX stores most of the system management information in /etc/objrepos,
/usr/lib/objrepos, and /usr/share/lib/objrepos. Files (also referred to
as system object classes) in these directories are adminstered by the
Object Database Manager, ODM, which is a set of library routines and
programs providing basic object oriented database facilities.

Under most circumstances, only SMIT or the commands SMIT call (see
1.100) should be used to change the contents of the system object
classes. A harmless way to look at the object database is to use odmget
where is one of the files in /etc/objrepos.

Experienced users can use the ODM editor, odme, to navigate the database
in detail. Modifying the database should only be attempted if you know
exactly what you are doing.

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