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Cleaning up utmp, who, and accounting problems

The best way to fix this problem is to fix the programs which are
causing the behavior in the first place. The short answer is to call
software support and ask for the "UTMPFIX" collection of PTFs.

Virtually all of these problems should be fixed in the 3251 PMP and
the only one I've been able to prove is still broken is using ALT-F4
to close an aixterm.

This applies if you are running an X11R5 xterm on 3.2.
Add this to the top of X11R5 mit/clients/xterm/main.c:

#ifdef AIXV3
#define WTMP_FILENAME "/var/adm/wtmp"

And your utmp problems should go away. If you want xterminal sessions
to go into the wtmp file you need to define -DWTMP in the Imakefile and
be sure the WTMP_FILENAME is set to the right place.

Section 8.02 contains a small C program that you can use until the
PTFs arrive. The program must be run as root and will periodically
clean up old entries.

Another utmp program was posted to comp.sources.unix, volume 25, issue
96 by David W. Sanderson (dws@cs.wisc.edu) that also works on AIX 3.1.

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