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How do I mount a floppy disk as a filesystem? From: op@holmes.acc.Virginia.EDU (Olaf Pors)

You can build a filesystem on a floppy and mount it, however the
filesystem will be read only. The reason that the filesystem will be
read only is because AIX Version 3.1.5 cannot create a journal log on a
diskette. The intended use is for temporary access to read only data.
The diskette file system must be unmounted after use and during system
backup procedures or errors could occur.

To make the read only filesystem on a floppy:

1. Make a subdirectory on an existing filesystem and place all of the
files that the diskette will contain into this subdirectory.

2. Enter the following command to create a prototype file containing
information about the new filesystem, in the example /dir_struct
is the pathname of the subdirectory created in step 1, and
proto_filename is the name of the prototype file to be created.

proto /dir_struct > proto_filename

3. Place a formatted floppy into the drive.

4. Edit the prototype file and replace the first line with the following:

0 0

5. Enter the following command to make the filesystem on your floppy:

mkfs -p proto_filename -V jfs /dev/fd0

6. Create the directory upon which you will mount the floppy based
filesystem, or you can use /mnt. Mount the filesystem:

mount -r -V jfs /dev/fd0 /your_mount_point

7. To unmount the filesystem:

umount /dev/fd0

Since the filesystem is read-only it may be of limited use but if you
are going to use it for utility programs and other data that does not
change much, it may still be useful. If you need to change the data,
you can copy the directory from the floppy into another directory, make
your modifications, and remake the filesystem using this procedure.

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