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How do I set up postscript accounting? From: taluskie@utpapa.ph.utexas.edu (Vince Taluskie)

Ephraim Vider originally wrote this program to configure postscript page
accounting. It acts as a backend wrapper which logs accounting
information in /etc/qconfig and can be ftp'd from utpapa.ph.utexas.edu
in /pub/aix/psacct.tar.Z.

Compile with:

cc pswrap.c -o pswrap -lqb

and then make this program suid root:

chown root pswrap
chmod u+s pswrap

If this step is not done, the printer will hang.

Then start up SMIT and go to :

Manage Local Printer Subsystem
Local Printer Queue Devices
Change / Show Characteristics of a Queue Device

and change "BACKEND PROGRAM pathname" to the full pathname of pswrap
since pswrap will now handle the backend interface with the queue.

A stream of info will be written to a logfile in /tmp (prob lp0.log) but
this file is mainly used for status info and raw pagecounts. If the
accounting data is going to the qconfig-specified acctfile, then use the
'pac' command to read it. I prefer to have readable ascii data files
instead, so I just comment out the '#define WANT_PAC' line and it will
only go to the ACCTFILE specfied in pswrap.c.

[pswrap.c source has been moved to section 8.03]

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