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Where can I find tools for performance monitoring?

Free X based performance watcher: xsysstats -

For 3.2 a few tools are available in /usr/lpp/bosperf. There are tools
to monitor traces, I/O events, CPU, virtual memory, disk block usage,
kernel extensions, etc. It even has a simulator, rmss, that allows one
to try out different memory size configurations to see how it impacts
performance. See 6.05 for the AIX Performance and Tuning Guide.

The Monitor program is an AIX/6000 System performance monitor program.
Monitor can be used to display system statistics of various short time
performance values. Monitor program is available for anonymous ftp from

New to version 2 (released as version 2.1.1)
* Allow logging of information on interval basis in ascii format.
The logfile can be specified as a strftime string and can be
* Synchronize sample/interval time on wall clock (from 00:00).
* Sample/interval time is now accurate to around 10 milliseconds
(depending on system load).
* User counts for remote and inactive users, and average inactive time.
* System uptime is printed.
* Highlighted headers
* In logmode, filesystem usage is logged
* support for Symmetric multiprocessing cpuinfo (-smp option
or 's' character command).
* help page in interactive mode 'h' or '?' character commands

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