Updating to 3.2.5 From: kraemerf@franvm3.VNET.IBM.COM (Frank Kraemer)

(Ed. The following is useful if you have to update a large number of
systems, large being > 3.)

*** WARNING : Modify the scripts if you need dataless, diskless ***
*** or remote /usr support. ***

1) Receive the PMP3250 tape from your AIX support center the PTF number
is U493250.

2) Create a filesystem with 240 MB of space (60 PP's) and mount it as

/dev/pmp3250 - /pub/pmp3250

3) Insert the tape (blocksize is 512) and install PTF U422467

# installp -BXacgq -d /dev/rmt0 bos.obj

4) Use the following script to load the tape in the new filesystem

# cd /pub/pmp3250
# mktape2disk.sh 0 447 <<-- read 447 files from rmt0

[ The mktape2disk.sh script has been moved to section 8.05 ]

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