How can I get PTF (fixes) via ftp? What is fixdist?

Get a copy of IBM's fixdist package. This X-windows (and curses) program
can help you find and transfer PTFs from IBM to your machine. It is availible
from and further instructions
are displayed after you login. It is worth noting here that the files
fixdist retrieves are often quite large and therefore not recommended
for those with slow connections.

Ciaran Deignan says that Bull offers AIX
PTFs at . The basic download facility
requires that you have the right PTF number. The "Consult" facility
allows you to search for PTFs that apply to a given fileset (bos.rte.tty, for
example). The "search" facility allows a PTF to be selected on a wide
range of criteria.

Apple has their own fixdist site with all the fixes that has been
approved on the Apple Network Servers. Apple users should NOT use
the fixes available from IBM and their mirrors, but only from:
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