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How do I do remote backup?

There seems to be several ways of doing this. The first approach is a
one-liner to allow tar to reference another machine's device. The
second is more complete but uses a similar approach. The latest
addition to this section claims to be able to support mksysb on a
remote machine. Thanks to all the contibutors.

tar -b1 -cf - . | rsh REMOTEHOST "dd ibs=512 obs=1024 of=/dev/TAPEDEVICE"

[Ed.: The usave.sh script has been moved to section 8.06. I've verified
this script works fine. However, it may be slow for large filesystems
since it creates a temp file of filenames in /tmp.]

There are also several commercial solutions. One is IBM's SYSBACK/6000
product. See Question 1.209 for more information.

Open Microsystems sells a product called DistribuTAPE which supports
mksysb to a remote tape drive under AIX 3.2, 4.1 and 4.2. DistribuTAPE
supports remote tape drives by placing a pseudo tape driver on the
client system, and a server daemon on the server. More information at

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