How do I set up ksh for emacs mode command line editing?

The ksh has an undocumented way of binding the arrowkeys to the emacs
line editing commands. In your .kshrc, add:

alias __A=`echo "\020"` # up arrow = ^p = back a command
alias __B=`echo "\016"` # down arrow = ^n = down a command
alias __C=`echo "\006"` # right arrow = ^f = forward a character
alias __D=`echo "\002"` # left arrow = ^b = back a character
alias __H=`echo "\001"` # home = ^a = start of line

Type "set -o emacs" or put this line in your .profile.

Also, you MUST have PTF U406855 for this to work in AIX 3.2. The APAR #
for the problem is IX25982, which may have been superseded.
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