My named dies frequently, why? From: (John P. Eisenmenger)

Running on 3.2, named dies frequently on network's primary name server.

Try the following:

stopsrc -s named # stop running named
setenv MALLOCTYPE 3.1 # use 3.1 memory allocation algorithm
/etc/named ... # don't use smit to start named

You might be able to use startsrc/smit after setting MALLOCTYPE and get
the same effect, but I'm not sure.

[According to John, the problem is malloc() in the named code. He
also suggests using Berkeley's bind, which he has ported and can be
ftp'ed from -ed]

Two ptfs should fix this problem. Get U412332 and U414752.

Christophe Wolfhugel reports
that bind 4.9 works fine on AIX 3.2 and without MALLOCTYPE=3.1.
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