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HP JetDirect cards and virtual printers? mkvirprt problems?

(stolen from many)

Since the release of AIX 3.2.5 adding a queue for JetDirect cards is as
easy as creating a virtual printer using "smit mkvirprt" or mkvirprt.
If the command hangs make sure you are using an HFT, aixterm or vt100
terminal. The entire procedure is available from the IBM FAX
"Information Line" (800 IBM-4-FAX).

From: Mark Bergman

SMIT complains that some required software is not present on the system.
It turns out that this software, "printers.hpJetDirect.attach ("
is on the installation CD.

HOWEVER, there is some bug somewhere, whereby the software may actually
be already installed, but the system cannot see it. (Or maybe the bug
is that the software is actually NOT installed, but the system in one
place thinks it is! - I'm not sure). Therefore, use smit to look at
Installed Software ("Software Installation and Maintenance", "Maintain
Installed Software", "List Installed Software" and look at all software,
then search through for "jet". If it finds it (i.e. it thinks that it
is installed) - you must remove it (under smit's "Maintain Installed
Software" level), and then reinstall from the CD!

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