NIS slave server config with master on different subnet? From: (Mike Sidler)

Assuming AIX 3.2.5,the master server up and running and the hosts file
has the master name defined. On slave do:

1) domainname
2) startsrv -s ypserv
3) startsrv -s ypbind (ypwhich should return "loopback")
4) (/usr/sbin/)ypset -d
(ypwhich should return ""
5) (/usr/sbin/)ypinit -s
6) Put "+::0:0:::" in /etc/passwd after last local login.
Note: InfoExplorer has this entry INCORRECT in some versions.
7) Other cfg files (group, etc) may need configuring but this will
get ypserv and ypbind running on the slave looking at the right stuff.
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