Netscape FastTrack server won't install on AIX 3../aixfaq From: Cameron Ferstat

Before installing FastTrack on an AIX 3.2.5 or 4.1 system, you must
first install the AIX Shared Library Hookable Symbols/6000 Version, Reference RPQ No. P91153. (Note: This software should *not*
be installed on an AIX 4.2 system!)

If you try to install FastTrack on an AIX 3.2.5 or 4.1 system, without
first installing the Hookable Symbols PRPQ, you will get the following

> ./ns-setup
0509-037 System error - error data is: ./ns-setup
0509-022 Cannot load library libsvld.a[shr.o].
0509-026 System error: A file or directory in the path name does not exist.

You can download the installp image by anonymous ftp from

There is also an associated README.slhs file in that directory.
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