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How to get your keyboard back after unplugging it from the 6000 From: Mickey Coggins and Anne Serre and L. Mark Larsen

When you unplug your keyboard from a running system, and plug it back
in, the key mapping is wrong. For example, keys like Caps Lock and Ctrl
don't work as designed.

Solution: Type at the command line


Your screen goes black, you hear a few beeps, and your keyboard is reset.
It works with any environment, Xwindows, hft, NLS...

For Models 220, 230 and M20, use the following commands:

/usr/lpp/diagnostics/da/dkbdsal (for the 220)

After running the keyboard diagnostics to reset keyboard mappings, the
repeat rate is also reset to some slow value (11, according to the man
page). If the user is in X, you need to open an hft window. Do this
with "xopen /bin/csh". Once you have an hft window, run "chhwkbd -r30".

[Editor's note: By unplugging & plugging a keyboard/mouse on a live
system you may/will damage/zap/fry/destroy the motherboard]

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