Building imake, makedepend From: (David L. Crow)

[Editor's note: if you have AIX 4.x, you need the X11.adt.imake LPP
and probably most if not all of the X11.adt.* LPPs. Imake, xmkmf and
other utilities are delivered precompiled.]

You need X11dev.src release (ie the R5 release) [on AIX 3.2].

Unless you have an R5 release of AIXwindows, there is no xmkmf.
These are the steps that I use to make imake, makedepend and all
of it's config files, and then install them in the working tree
(ie not the Xamples) for daily use:

cd /usr/lpp/X11/Xamples
make Makefile
make SUBDIRS="config util" Makefiles
make SUBDIRS="config util" linklibs
make SUBDIRS="config util" depend
make SUBDIRS="config util"
make SUBDIRS="config util" install

Then redo the steps everytime you apply an X11 update.
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