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Are there any ftp or WWW sites?

SMIT-installable precompiled packages of popular freeware for AIX 4.x at
. Download the ".exe" files with your WWW
browser. These are auto-uncompressing files, just like on PCs (it uses
similar technology to PKZIP). Mark the file as executable (chmod +x),
then execute it to generate a .bff file. The .bff file can then be
installed using "smit install_latest". For more information
read the INSTALL.txt file on the server.

There are mirrors of this site at http://www.bull.de/ and

The package explicitly referenced below are ones Ciaran consideres
"solid." That is, the binary has been "tested by lots of people."

Bull provides many other freeware packages as well. If you use the
service, be sure and thank Ciaran and Bull.

Below are some ftp sites that are supposed to have RS/6000 specific
software. I haven't verified all the entries.

US sites:

European sites:

The first one is dedicated to software running on AIX. It might not
always be the latest versions of the software, but it has been ported
to AIX (normally AIX version 3 only). Please use the European sites
very sparingly. They are primarily to serve people in Europe and most
of the software can be found in the US sites originally.

The remaining sites are simply ones that archie indicated contained
AIX related materials.

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