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GNU C version 2.0 and later supports the RS/6000, and compiles straight
out of the box on AIX 3 and AIX 4.1 and 4.2. You may, however,
experience that compiling it requires large amounts of paging space.

On AIX 4.3, compiling gcc appears to be much more difficult due to
changes for the 64 bit environment. A precompiled gcc is available in
the form of egcs in the Bull archive at .

From: Ciaran Deignan

- there is a link problem on AIX 4.3. Until I find a way of building
a distribution on AIX 4.3, you'll have to use 'ld'.
- The package gnu.egcs- does not contain the C++ compiler
(G++). However since you can't link a G++ object file with 'ld',
this is just part of the same problem.

[Editor's note: from the latest postings it appears that the latest
(post 1.1b) egcs snapshots fixes the problem with collect2. The problem
here is that there are no binary distributions yet, one has to bootstrap
this version using IBM's C compiler.]

From: Brent Burkholder

In order to compile and link using egcs on AIX you first
need to download and apply fix APAR IX87327

Looking up the APAR # should allow you to download
bos.rte.bind_cmds. which fixes all problems.

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